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January 2013

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Hourglass Desk Clock


Designed by David Dear, this hourglass desk clock with two cones, rotate separately at different speeds. The top cones represents minutes while the bottom cone represents hours. A red indicator line shows hours and reads the time while a rotating disk on top of the clock counts the seconds.



Hand them out to your clients and watch them smile. Here are 12 reasons to use slinky.

Rhinestone Tote Bags


We now offer an entire line of bags that can add to your sparkle—rhinestone tote bags, cinch packs, and backpacks. The timid need not reply.

Magnetic Paper Clip Holder


Hatch new conversations about your brand and keep your paper clips in one place.

Custom Logo Watches


Create your own eye-popping custom logo watches for your business or personal event.

Wellness Journal


Give this Wellness Journal to your patients or fitness minded customers…it’s a good thing to do.

Pizza Cutter


This scooter-shaped pizza cutter in ABS plastic with two stainless steel blades and a working kickstand featuring your logo would make a great, unique gift for your customers.

Life is Relationships

The older I get the more convinced I am that life is all about relationships.  Life is us relating to each other and to our environment; and even other things in our environment relating to each other.  It is clear to me that all things are connected.

The most compelling characteristic about relationships to me is captured in the word belonging.  To belong is that feeling that I fit in somewhere, I am connected, I am a member, I am needed, I am loved.

Because we are all connected to each other and to our environment, I believe it means we have been designed to live in communities where we are rightly related to each other, to our environment and to the Maker of everything, yes to God.

What would it look like, what would it feel like to belong in a rightly related community?  I think we all know what this would be like.  We would see humans flourishing.  People would feel secure, be accepted for who they are, share with each other, serve each other; in short live a life of freedom, being loved, loving others, having a place to belong.

I want to be treated by others just like you do.  I would like it if others were patient with me, kind and gentle, helpful, honest, faithful to their word, giving, peaceful, and be able to control themselves.  In short, I would like people to show me love.

It all starts with the Golden Rule:  Doing unto others as we would have others doing unto us.  And if I read the Golden Rule right it starts with me.  If I make the first move and treat others like I want to be treated, that would be the start of a rightly related community of flourishing humans.

Don’t we all want to live in communities like this?  Sure we do.  It would be like…well…heaven!

Throw off any skepticism you may have about that this is possible and make the first move in your world and see what happens…I think I hear harps.

How to Build Business Relationships

Understanding how to build business relationships will benefit you and your customer.

If life is relationships, than so is everything that is under the heading of life.  One of those categories is business.

For a business transaction to occur you need two people who trust each other enough to consummate a transaction where they both believe that they will benefit.  The trust is shown by each party giving up something that is valuable to them.  The customer gives his hard earned, limited supply of money and the supplier gives up his valuable asset for compensation he/she thinks is fair.

Notice how this definition has aspects of a small community of flourishing humans.  Both parties feel secure and accepted, they are sharing, and they are serving each other.

Trust is the essential ingredient.  Trust is built in many small steps along the way in this budding relationship leading up to the consummation.  Once this trust is established the consummation is now possible.  The sense of belonging cascades over both persons and there is safety to proceed.  The vulnerable free exchange of the valuable piece of them to each other now becomes a reality.

I have been a business man for over 30+ years; a salesman for most of it.  For most of my career I have not understood this.  I am now beginning to experience a new sense of freedom in giving myself away to my customers.

Are you longing for a business transaction like I have described?  If you are doing transactions they are happening right under your nose.  Take a step back, watch and enjoy the sense of belonging and connection to another human in a flourishing community.  There is much benefit for us all.

Leveraging Relationships

Business has always been about networking.  People connecting with people and sharing that connection with others.

But leveraging relationships for financial gain in business would not help in building a community of flourishing humans.

If you Google “tips on how to network” you will find this advice: “Don’t pitch too soon.”  People can discern when someone is working them.  Thank God for that!   Relationships built on the attitude of “what can I get from you” will eventually break down.  This attitude is a supreme breach of trust; and trust is the key building block to a healthy interdependent relationship.

Our natural bent is to look out for number one.  It takes a renewed mind to think about how to apply the Golden Rule in relationships.  It also takes faith to believe that if we do we will benefit in ways that far outweigh financial rewards.


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