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If Only I had…

The above statement looks back into the past wishing things in the present were different, better.
I had a recent bout (yes a fight), with IF ONLY regarding our small business and where we are; or were I perceived we are.
The problem with this is it a limited perspective.
My fight with IF ONLY ended when I realized that most of the good things in my life, the good changes that were forced upon me would be gone if I had stayed in my corporate job. The personal growth brought on by the perplexing, insurmountable challenges has changed me for the better.

Good Things Don’t Happen by Accident

As an entrepreneur, my highest priority is to meet my customer’s expectations spot on. When they open the box containing the items they ordered I want them to see exactly what they expected to receive. Their reaction should simply be, “This is what I ordered”.

When the final result of a process is what was expected, many things had to happen on purpose with little chance of deviation. Stated in reverse, if anything is left to chance in a process it is virtually guaranteed that something will go wrong.

This process of getting things right requires foreknowledge of the possible pitfalls that lie ahead. And it takes time to learn. In my industry a common every day order can have as many as forty-five details that must be managed correctly.

So get in there and create the system to manage ALL the details. Make the good things happen on purpose.  Then, when the process is completed correctly, and you deliver a product or service done right, you get to experience the approval of a satisfied customer. This is how you build repeat business.

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