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Buying custom screen printed t-shirts

Buying Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts – Tip One


Buying Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

If you are considering buying custom screen printed t-shirts there are several ideas to consider. Here is the first tip:


Always start with the right t-shirt for the situation.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Who will be wearing the finished printed shirt?
  • Under what conditions will the custom screen printed t-shirt be worn?
  • What result am I hoping to achieve once the finished printed t-shirts are handed out?

Here are four examples of how screen printed t-shirts might be worn:

  • T-shirts printed with a team logo can become part of the team uniform used to travel in or worn during warm-ups before an athletic contest.
  • Printed t-shirts with a club logo are worn during club outings or competitions.
  • T-shirts printed with a school logo can be worn as a general ‘spirit’ shirt on casual Fridays or other school outings.
  • Screen printed t-shirts are sometimes handed out during large events or given to customers to help build an organization’s brand awareness.

Each of the above scenarios would require a different considerations in selecting a shirt style.  This may sound obvious but people wear the screen printed t-shirts that they feel good wearing.  This idea is not so relevant with a sports team uniform type shirt; the players are required to wear it.  With a promotional shirt this idea is very relevant.  Choosing a less-expensive shirt might save a little money but if the customers you give the printed t-shirt to never wear it, it is money wasted.  For promotional t-shirts we recommend buying a high quality shirt customers will want to wear.

No matter what the application, selecting the right t-shirt fabric, style, color and price are vital considerations in planning a successful purchase.


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