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How to Build Business Relationships

Understanding how to build business relationships will benefit you and your customer.

If life is relationships, than so is everything that is under the heading of life.  One of those categories is business.

For a business transaction to occur you need two people who trust each other enough to consummate a transaction where they both believe that they will benefit.  The trust is shown by each party giving up something that is valuable to them.  The customer gives his hard earned, limited supply of money and the supplier gives up his valuable asset for compensation he/she thinks is fair.

Notice how this definition has aspects of a small community of flourishing humans.  Both parties feel secure and accepted, they are sharing, and they are serving each other.

Trust is the essential ingredient.  Trust is built in many small steps along the way in this budding relationship leading up to the consummation.  Once this trust is established the consummation is now possible.  The sense of belonging cascades over both persons and there is safety to proceed.  The vulnerable free exchange of the valuable piece of them to each other now becomes a reality.

I have been a business man for over 30+ years; a salesman for most of it.  For most of my career I have not understood this.  I am now beginning to experience a new sense of freedom in giving myself away to my customers.

Are you longing for a business transaction like I have described?  If you are doing transactions they are happening right under your nose.  Take a step back, watch and enjoy the sense of belonging and connection to another human in a flourishing community.  There is much benefit for us all.


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