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How to Order Window Decals

How to Order Window Decals



How to Order Window Decals

While driving in any city you see window decals on many cars. If you are considering obtaining window decals for your team or club there are a few things you need to know about before you place your order.

The window decals you see on cars are made of colored vinyl and the image is die cut. This image is then laminated on a piece of paper in reverse for easy application.  The decal is affixed to the exterior of the vehicle window.

Window decals are priced by the square inch. If your image is 2 inches high by 6 inches wide that would be 12 square inches. These sizes are grouped into ranges; for example decals sized between 11 to 17 square inches will cost the same.

Window decals that display two colors cost more than one-color decals.

The minimum order would typically be 50 decals; price breaks then follow: 125 – 250 – 500 – 1000. If you are close to the next price break it will probably cost less to order up to the next price break. Some companies may offer a lower minimum order quantity, but the each price will be significantly higher.

Artwork for window decals is an important consideration. Because the image is die-cut out of vinyl, the small areas of the art image has to be individually removed for the applied decal to look right. These small areas are called “picks”. Review the image below to see these “pick” areas.

How to order window decals2

The more picks there are the higher the cost of the decal will be.  Art best suited for decals is simple without a lot of intricate detail.

Choosing the right company to provide your decals is important. We have supplied 100’s of decals for our clients and would love to help you with your next decal project. To get a quote go to our WINDOW DECALS page. Simply fill in the information you know and we will contact you.


We can help you source window decals correctly manufactured.

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