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If Only I had…

The above statement looks back into the past wishing things in the present were different, better.

I had a recent bout (yes a fight), with IF ONLY regarding our small business and where we are; or were I perceived we are.

This particular fight with “IF ONLY” was brought on by wishing our business produced more revenue. To be honest, the bottom line was this IF ONLY statement: If only I had only not wanted to start a small business and stayed at my corporate job I would be in better financial position.  The problem with this perspective is it viewed my situation from one vantage point ignoring all others. It is a limited perspective.

My fight with IF ONLY ended when I realized that most of the good things in my life, the good changes that were forced upon me would be gone if I had stayed in my corporate job.  The personal growth brought on by the perplexing, insurmountable challenges has changed me. It has made me more resilient, more resourceful, and more creative. Running a small business has grown my faith in my Heavenly Father. I am more trusting, more peaceful, and more excited about good things to come.

What is your IF ONLY fight about? I urge you to make peace with where you are now and approach your current challenges with courage and your very best effort. If you do this in a deliberate way I believe you will find a perspective that will carry you into the future with excitement about good things to come.


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