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That’s the Way We Roll

That’s the Way We Roll

Being a business man who endeavors to follow my King Jesus, I have the same challenges as any other business person.

One of those challenges is the flow of consistent incoming orders  Like any business we need orders to create the cash flow to pay our vendors, employees and ourselves. Conventional wisdom says I need to apply current (or new) marketing techniques to generate the sales that will lead to orders and cash flow.

Following Jesus in business as the way we roll is counter-cultural no matter which school of marketing you now subscribe too. Whether you produce stuff and try to sell it or you find out what’s selling and then produce stuff (Godin), I see it as different sides of the same coin.  Moving product to market. The inherent pre-supposition is driven by a low-grade anxiety. “If I don’t so effective marketing I’m not going to cover expenses.”

Following Jesus in business has its assumptions too; and they can produce high-level anxiety. This method says, “I’m taking my hands off the wheel and will allow King Jesus to write the financial story of my business for this quarter, for this year.” Get serious; nobody but a fool would even think this let alone do it.

Now do you get my point? The lyric from the Newsboys song by the same name says, “that’s the way we roll ’cause we’ve been set free”.  In the end, ‘my’ business is not really my business at all; it’s King Jesus’s business.  I’m set free from this responsibility.  He is fully capable of bringing in what He wants His business to have.  My job is to execute with excellence what he sends, which is the topic for another post.


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